A Porous Space II

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At Gahlberg Gallery, College of DuPage, Glen Elyn, Illinois, in the summer of 2010. I was inspired by a Speaking of Faith podcast featuring Xavier Le Pichon, a leading geophysicist and compelling spiritual thinker. In the podcast, Le Pichon discusses the meaning of what we call "humanity" through his discoveries in plate tectonics. Le Pichon describes the earth's fault lines as a fundamental aspect of the earth as a living, changing organism. Likewise, in humans, it is through our weaknesses that we connect with each other and create community. In the College of DuPage iteration of A Porous Space, the project morphed to include the La La La Singers, my newly formed choral group. Singing about faults contributed by the COD community that ran along the gallery's fault line propelled by a hand crank fore grounded the humor and poignancy of human frailty.

Deborah Boardman: A Porous Space by Susan Snodgrass Book of Faults