The collaborative ED JR. (Edra Soto, Deborah Boardman, Jeroen Nelemans and Ryan Richey) produced videos of collectively painted simple geometric structures built as single blue brushstrokes. The painted brush stroke demonstrates human touch, warm and imperfect, working towards a harmonic whole through pattern. The videos reveal the painters’ shadows painting the blue lines, rendering identities partially anonymous. These videos suggest that interdependence may be a more accurate reflection of a shared reality than the modernist model of the heroic isolated individual.

The site-specific installation, CoLaboratory, created with the artist collective (f)utility projects for Columbia College Chicago’s Glass Curtain Gallery, was reviewed in the Chicago Tribune, Flavorpill, Gapers Block and Jettison Quarterly. In 2012 ED JR.’s video portrait Clinch was featured in Industry of the Ordinary’s retrospective at the Chicago Cultural Center, Sic Transit Gloria Mundi: Industry of the Ordinary.

In "Clinch", a video portrait of Industry of the Ordinary (Adam Brooks and Mathew Wilson (exhibited in IOTO’s ten-year retrospective Sic Transit Gloria Mundi at the Chicago Cultural Center 2012-2013), an audio interview reveals the two men discussing their relationship as if in couples therapy. The two men struggle to shadow box in heaves and starts in compressed time and dreamlike flickers and shadows.

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