The Rhizome Alliance

Working under the name the Rhizome Alliance, Deborah Boardman, Rodger Cooley, Kevin Kaempf and Eric May in Chicago and Akshay Rathore and Flora Boillot in Delhi are partnering with a mutual desire to support sustainability, create global partnerships, and promote creative work by artists, chefs, urban farmers, and cultural organizations.

The Rhizome Alliance is hosting Rooting: Regional Branches and Global Concerns in Chicago, October 2013. The symposium will be held over three days in venues across Chicago, including the Sullivan Galleries at the School of the Art Institute, the Chicago Cultural Center, Roots & Culture, Growing Power’s Iron Street Farm, Ken Dunn and City Farm, Bread and Sauce and other urban agriculture sites and independent galleries. The symposium features Delhi based Indian artist Akshay Raj Singh Rathore, his partner Flora Boillot, and both a Delhi based chef and farmer and Chicago based artists such as Claire Pentecost and Nance Klehm. Akshay will discuss his work reintroducing heritage seeds in his native village Aulinjaa in Madya Pradesh and his new urban farming project at Khoj, in New Delhi, and create an urban garden in Chicago.

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